• Teenagr


    Editor of Medium.com/teenagr

  • Caroline Schley

    Caroline Schley

    YA author, avid reader. New York City born, currently living in Madrid. Personal essays, ex-pat life & self-improvement. Reach out @ www.carolineschley.com

  • Natalie Koudim

    Natalie Koudim

  • Joi Lake

    Joi Lake

    My life is built on prayer and my relationship with God. I am a “Stay-At-Home Writer."

  • Elle C.

    Elle C.

    Writings of a solivagant, gypsy soul, foodie, and pirate hopeful. Unconventional mother. Sometimes profane. Occasionally profound.

  • Francis 🌱🌎

    Francis 🌱🌎

    Cybersecurity, Governance & Risk Management. Concerned citizen #ClimateEmergency. #Blockchain & #Web3 enthusiast. Born @ 348 ppm CO2 #LoveWins #TogetherStronger

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